Diving in the Great Lakes

Five large lakes make up “The Great Lakes”: Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Local divers will tell you with full confidence that The Great Lakes are among the best dive sites in the world, even if they are not world-famous for it. When you think of diving, you probably think of warm, salty water, tropical fish, sharks, and coral, but in this region, you will find a more adventurous setting with crystal clear water, unique fish, and the most well preserved, amazing wreck diving in the world. Some of the wrecks of these lakes date back to the 1800s and have been preserved by the cold, freshwater water of The Great Lakes. You can expect to find wooden schooners, steel freighters, steamships, barges, and even luxury yachts. A fair number of wrecks sit within the recreational depth limit; however, a vast majority of them are located even deeper; this is why a minimum of a Deep Diver certification is strongly recommended. The majority of these amazing wrecks are located in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Make sure you bring your drysuit since only cold water diving can be made here. Diving in The Great Lakes is a unique adventure with some of the most captivating sights you will find.

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