Diving in Seferihisar

Seferihisar is the coastal district of Turkey’s Izmir Province. It has 49 kilometers (30 miles) of coastline on the Aegean Sea, which is the most of any district in the country. It is also a historically important and ancient harbor that goes back to approximately 600 BC. Today, it is a very popular tourist destination due to its historical offerings as well as the waterfront location and, of course, world-class diving. This relatively small and rural area is so popular as a holiday location that the population of the region triples during the best tourist seasons. Seferihisar is also a very important agricultural region of Turkey and is known most for producing citrus fruits such as tangerines and satsumas. While there are multiple sites to dive in the region, the best diving in the area is in Sigacik. This is a small port village about 5 kilometers (3 miles) outside of Seferihisar center. Here, you can take a diving or other boat trip from the well-known Teos Marina. In addition to the diving, Sigacik offers two world-famous beaches. Akkum and Ekmeksiz, to relax on. To take in some of the history of the region, you can also visit Sigacik Castle, an ancient naval base built in the 1520s.

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Sigacik is an area that does offer some spots for newer divers and for more experienced divers.

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Aquatic Life in Seferihisar

One of the biggest treats in the waters off the coast of Seferihisar is the chance to see the incredibly rare Mediterranean Monk Seal. This seal is the scarcest of all seals in the world with about only 700 of them believed to be left in the world. They are only found in three or four isolated areas of the world with the Aegean Sea of the coast of Seferihisar being the most prominent of them. Researchers estimate that there are 350 or fewer adults in the Mediterranean. These seals hunt their prey in the caves and caverns of this region.

Dive Sites in Seferihisar