Diving in Madagascar

Boasting beautiful beaches, thick jungles, mountains, and dry plains Madagascar’s landscape is as diverse as its people. With numerous waves of migration through the ages, Madagascar is a cultural melting pot with 18 ethnic groups and dialects. The east coast is heavily influenced by Southeast Asia, while the west coast has mostly African influences. The best time to dive Madagascar is May through December. Most dive stores are closed during cyclone season, which is January to March.

Tropical waters surround the island country of Madagascar. Year-round, divers flock to this island, the fourth largest in the world, to discover marine life not seen anywhere else. The northwest coast is home to the best diving in Madagascar, where rich coral formations compose a spectacular fringing reef. The best Madagascar dive sites are around Nosy Be, Tanikely, and other small surrounding islands. The south of Madagascar has excellent wreck diving where mythical wrecks welcome you like the Winterton, a ship of the India Company that left England and sank on August 20, 1792, and the Nossa Senhora do Carmo, a vessel of the Royal Portuguese Navy that sunk in 1774. Although it is the fourth most impoverished nation worldwide, following safety measures makes Madagascar a fascinating destination for all divers.

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