Diving in Diana

DIANA is an acronym for the northwest region of Madagascar and includes Diego, Antsohihy, Nosy Be, and Ambanja. It is the leading tourist destination in Madagascar with no shortage of airlines arriving and departing here daily. Influenced by a humid tropical climate, this area is rich in both land and underwater biodiversity. The volcanic based topography offers a unique landscape filled with jagged rocks, extensive caves, and underground rivers. Not-to-miss land-based adventures include zip lining across the karsts of Tsingy de l’Ankarana, hiking through Amber Mountain National Park with its unique wildlife, waterfalls, and dense rainforests, and exploring the white sands of untouched paradise on neighboring islands. Though famous for its golden-eyed lemurs, the DIANA region of Madagascar is also home to a wealth of exotic underwater species. The best diving in Madagascar is on and around Nosy Be, which consists of three large diving areas, each with its own specificities. Diving Nosy Be offers beautiful aquarium-like underwater views, exciting underwater plateaus, mysterious wrecks, and breath-taking drop-offs all covered in colorful gorgonians and coral formations. Diving in DIANA is also home to deep canyons and subterranean arches unlike any other. Top it all off with humpback whale sightings from July to October, whale sharks in September and November, and hammerheads in December and January; what more can an adventure-seeking diver ask?

Featured places to go in Diana

Nosy Be

The pristine coral formations of Nosy Tanikely, inhabited by a multitude of fish and invertebrate species sum up the incredible diversity of dive sites here.

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Nosy Sakatia

Diving Nosy Sakatia offers an abundance of plateaus and drop-offs, making up a multitude of dive site choices.

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Wildlife Encounters in Diana

Madagascar marine life abounds in priceless underwater riches. Diving in the DIANA region in the northwestern part of the island, you will observe the greatest coral diversity in Madagascar. These reef formations are home to 525 species of mollusks, including 11 species endemic to the Indian Ocean, and 463 species of fish, of which eight species are endemic to Madagascar. These waters are also home to 28 species of marine mammal, including the famous dugong. There are many nesting sites for green and hawksbill sea turtles on the islands’ beaches. The reefs abound with sharks, and, from July to October, humpback whales fill the water with their majestic songs. Whale shark season follows from September to October.

Dive Sites to visit in Diana