Diving in Hurghada

This city of Hurghada was a small fishing village until as recently as the 1980s when it was transformed but investors into a major resort town thanks to its location on the Red Sea. Today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Hurghada has become a leading diving location with Soma Bay, Hurghada, Makadi Bay, and El Gouna all excellent diving locations. Whether you want to explore on day dives or join a liveaboard to venture to sites that are further afield, you can do it all from here. The reefs are teeming with marine life and there are also some fascinating wrecks to explore. The conditions here are ideal for those who are learning to dive and even children can try out the sport, but there are still those deeper, more advanced sites where the current is stronger and experienced divers will be in their element. There is also so much to do and see in the city when divers are out of the water. The coast is home to long stretches of beautiful beaches that overlook the clear and calm water of the Red Sea and are buttressed from the desert behind them by holiday villages and resorts.

Featured places to go in Hurghada

Giftun Islands

Diving in Giftun Islands, you will explore the wonderful reefs with a rainbow of soft coral as well as hard coral and dramatic drop-offs.

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El Gouna

El Gouna offers great access to the northern Red sea with over 40 dive sites that can be dived all year long.

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Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is a wonderful yet underrated place to dive in the Hurghada area.

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Aquatic Life in Hurghada

The marine life you encounter in Hurghada is mainly centered around the amazing and colorful coral reefs in the area. Here you will find a wide variety of colorful reef fish, especially humphead wrasse. There are plenty of common Mediterranean-area species such as barracuda, mackerel, and tuna as well as more exotic and interesting fish like the trumpet fish, crocodile fish, frogfish, pipefish, moth fish and stonefish. There are plenty of other creatures as well like rays, eels and a lot of turtles. If you are looking for bigger species, Whitetip and grey reef sharks are also common to the region.

Dive Sites in Hurghada