Diving in Honduras

Adventure waits around every corner of Honduras. This is one of the larger countries of Central America, bordered by the Caribbean ocean on the north and east coasts, with a small sliver sitting on the Pacific in the south. Hike mountains covered in lush tropical rainforests, white-water raft down Rio Cangrejal, explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan, soar over colourful coral reefs, or stroll along white sandy beaches, the options are limitless.

Compared to other Caribbean diving hot-spots, Honduras is just as good and even better than some sites, but with the advantage that it can be up to half the price and way less crowded. The water is crystalline and warm all year-round. Visibility is high and sometimes reaches up to 46 meters (150 feet). Sitting on the second largest barrier reef in the world makes the diving spectacular. Each island offers a different type of adventure, with the best diving located on Roatan, the most popular island, and Utila. If you want to get “off the beaten track,” then the island of Guanaja is for you.

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