Diving in Guanaja

Get off the beaten path and plan a getaway to Guanaja. This is the least developed and most remote of the Bay Islands, Guanaja is a true nature-lovers paradise. The diving you’ll be able to do here is untouched and spectacular, and the island itself is full of beautiful remote beaches, lush forests, and amazing waterfalls. Guanaja is a real hidden gem that is so untouched by tourism that they still don’t have cars, paved roads, or chain hotels on the island. Here, you’ll be able to unplug like nowhere else. The dive boats are rustic, mostly converted from old fishing boats, offering a unique experience. The adventure destination most divers crave is located in Guanaja. Its underwater world will treat you to pelagic marine life, shipwrecks, pinnacles, and vertical walls. You’ll be able to explore jaw-dropping lava tunnels and go through some old wrecks that will make you feel like you just travelled in time. The best way to get here is by flying into Roatan, and from there you can catch the 3-hr ferry over to the island. You will find good diving conditions all year round; however, the best time of year to travel to this beautiful destination is from March to October.

Featured places to go in Guanaja

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