Diving in Utila

Utila is the smallest of the Bay Islands in Honduras; however, it offers big adventures. In fact, the diving here has been voted better than doing so in Roatan by many experienced divers, and this island has the advantage of being way less crowded. This also one of the most economical places to dive in the Caribbean. Utila is most famous among divers for its whale shark sightings, which don’t occur seasonally, but all year-round. You can arrange specific whale shark trips with local operators targeted on finding and snorkeling with these gentle giants. Whale shark sightings are not the only common significant animal encounter in these waters; you can see curious, friendly dolphins that pop in during your dive. You can find over 100 named dive sites, which means you will find the perfect dive site for every level of diver. You can drift along sheer walls dropping off hundreds of feet (30m) into the dark blue abyss, sail along coral-filled seamounts, and cruise colorful shallow reefs. The best way to reach most dive sites is by speedboat; however, liveaboards leaving from Utila are also an option. Don’t miss out on the unique night dive experience dubbed “dark dive” where you can watch “strings of pearls” glow in the darkness.

Featured places to go in Utila

North Side of Utila

If you’re an advanced diver, then you are going to love the North Side of Utila. Here, you’ll find deeper dives and impressive shipwrecks.

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South Side of Utila

The most popular and frequently visited dive sites of Utila are located along the south side of the island.

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Aquatic Life in Utila

Get ready to admire everything the underwater world of the Caribbean has to offer. In Utila, you will encounter all the biggest species you can think of: whale sharks, dolphins, rays, and many different shark species. Pay close attention to the extremely active reef around. The coral reefs surrounding Utila are teaming with life. You’ll see plenty of different species, from huge moray eels and sea turtles, lobsters and crabs to the smallest colorful nudibranchs. You’ll also find the typical Caribbean reef fish species, including queenfish, French angelfish, green moray eels, and many others. Utila is excellent for those looking for thrilling dives.

Dive Sites in Utila