Diving the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s most beautiful dive location is off the coast of Trincomalee on the northeast coast of the country. It is a perfect, traditional, Indian Ocean diving location that features all the best things the region has to offer. It is particularly good for beginner divers with its sheltered, relaxed dive sites and fascinating macro marine life. Advanced divers will plenty to enjoy as well, with some amazing wrecks that can be reached only by experienced XR divers. Visit between April and September which is the best time to dive in Sri Lanka’s east region. The visibility is great and you may even see a wahle shark! Trincomalee features the most beautiful beaches in all of Sri Lanka. They are relatively uncrowded, very clean and are great for swimming as you can walk out hundreds of meters in most locations. Due to the conflict in the region stretching from World War II all the way up to the late 2000s, this region, which is a perfect destination for tourism, has not been heavily visited by people outside of the country. The Sri Lankan government is now putting a great effort into promoting this area for foreigners. You’ll soon see why if you join the few that visit before the crowds descend, with pristine beaches of fine sands, lagoons, old forts and pretty fishing villages.

Featured places to go in Eastern Province


The area off the coast of Trincomalee features no less than 20 great dive sites for divers of all experience levels to enjoy.

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Wildlife Encounters in Eastern Province

There is plenty of variety of reef fish and macro marine life in this area and many locations are not that deep so you can observe many of these species just by snorkeling though on the surface. There are plenty of larger species as well though. You can find blacktip reef and other species of sharks at the Pigeon Islands or at Shark Point. There is a great number of mantas and turtles in the area as well. There have even been whale sighting in the deeper and more far-flung areas of this region.