Diving in Al Madinah

The Madinah Region is home to some of the best diving areas in Saudi Arabia. Locations such as Yanbu and Alrayes Beach lie towards the northern part of the country where spectacular natural formations and beautiful coral reefs are waiting to be explored. Hike amongst the sandstone formations of the Al-Ula Region and white volcanos of Harrat Bani Rashid or bask on the sun-soaked beaches of the Red Sea. The water temperature and salinity of the Red Sea in this area promote excellent coral growth, providing better habitat for more complex marine life. With water temperatures ranging from 25 - 30 C throughout the year, diving in the Madinah Region is excellent year-round. Not only is Madinah fascinating underwater, but above the sea, this region is rich in history and culture. This area is home to important Islamic religious sites such as the first Saudi Arabian UNESCO World Heritage site, Maddain Saleh, and the Lion Tombs of Dedan. Most important to Saudi nationals, however, is Madinah City, where the Islamic Prophet Muhammad lived most of his life and now rests in one of the largest mosques in the world, the second holiest site in Islam, Al-Masjid An-Nabawi. One of the fascinating things about visiting the Madinah Region is seeing how well-preserved these thousands-of-years-old historic sites are.

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Diving the Yanbu region offers untouched reefs, crystal-clear water and vast fish diversity.

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Wildlife Encounters in Al Madinah Region

As water temperature and salinity become more favorable in this part of the Red Sea, the reef structure becomes more complex. Marine life in Saudi Arabia thrives amongst fascinating reef islands with fantastic coral diversity. Divers will meet hundreds of fish species, including blue-spotted rays, trumpetfish, Napoleon wrasse, clownfish, shoals of fusiliers, and humphead wrasse. Barracuda are regularly sighted, as well as sea turtles. Stonefish, moth fish, and lionfish hide among the corals while pipefish, nudibranchs, stargazers, and frogfish are plentiful for macro-lovers. Larger pelagic life also frequents these waters, including many shark species like hammerhead, gray reef sharks, oceanic whitetips, and whale sharks from June to March.