Diving in Gangwon-do

Diving in Gangwon-do is popular amongst local South Korean divers as it is a short distance from Seoul but not very well known amongst tourists. This province is home to the largest mountain range in Korea, and most of the terrain here is mountainous. The contrast of beautiful beaches and the ocean set against the towering Taebaek Mountains makes for spectacular scenery. Gangwon-do boasts 212 km (132 miles) of coastline along the East Sea, otherwise known as the Sea of Japan, for divers to explore. Since the East Sea is colder than the waters of the south, the best time to dive in South Korea along Gangwon-do’s shores is during the summer months of July and August. During the summer, water temperatures are pleasant, and the visibility is good. You will see vibrantly colored nudibranchs, starfish, sea fans, and many fish species. Although diving in Gangwon-do is not as popular amongst tourists, this province offers developed tourism in the form of National Parks for hiking and many beautiful beaches for sunbathing. It is a popular area for South Koreans to vacation, especially during the summer. There are many dive centers in Gangwon to choose from, offering both shore diving and boat diving excursions.

Wildlife Encounters in Gangwon-do

The high season for diving in Gangwon-do is from summer to autumn when water temperatures are warmest, and visibility is at its best. The mountainous terrain above water continues beneath the waves, creating a spectacular experience for divers. Soar over this mountainous underwater landscape and explore caves and caverns filled with life, along with shipwrecks shallow enough for beginners to enjoy. South Korean marine life in Gangwon-do includes various colorful nudibranchs, octopus, yellowtails, sea cucumbers, and damselfish, just to name a few. However, in the winter, divers will see a completely new scene when water temperature plummet, including 1-meter tall soft corals that form colonies in many areas.