Diving in South Korea

The Republic of Korea, or South Korea, is the center of East Asia’s economy and is famous for significantly influencing pop culture worldwide with “K-POP“ and “K-Drama.“ This small but mighty nation has a 5,000-year history, a thriving high-tech capital (Seoul), and endless natural beauty dotted with historical relics. With four distinct seasons, visiting South Korea is a good idea any time of the year.

Scuba diving in South Korea offers a unique experience. Many divers have never encountered the exciting mix of cold and warm water species found off South Korea’s shores. The East Sea provides a mysterious landscape filled with giant kelp forests in its cooler waters. Conversely, the south coast’s more tropical waters offer colorful coral, excellent wreck diving, and is home to Jeju Island. Jeju diving is available throughout the year, thanks to its favorable climate. Getting to dive in Jeju is always a treat, with fantastic marine life and the largest soft coral colony in the world.

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