Feb 2022 VDI Diving Game News – Diveland, Fauna and More!

Virtual Divers International (VDI) is the world’s first realistic diving simulator and is the closest thing you can get to real diving. Learn more about the latest release of this innovative diving game and secure your free entry into Gold Rush, featuring a major treasure hunt with more than $50,000 in prizes. Read on to find out more.

Experience the world’s first real-life dive simulator.

Virtual Divers International is a ‘virtual dive course’ and diving game that allows you to simulate skills like mask clearing, ascent and descent, or hand signals.

You will experience actual diving with a dive computer using a Buhlmann algorithm. Air consumption is based on a realistic scenario, includingtime, depth and gas.

In pro level, you will need to adjust your buoyancy and equalise your ears, simulating real-world dive skills.

VDI features a plethora of marine life, from a whale shark to an octopus that squirts ink, sealions and even nudibranchs.

Every animal has its own description that you can view when you get close, and you willearn ‘Ocean Points’ each time you view new marine life.

VDI also features several diving game elements that add to the fun. You can score points by getting close to and learning about marine life, find gold and search for objects that are key to opening new dive sites.

VDI members receive free monthly diving game upgrades.

The VDI App shows everything currently available and in development. Every month, VDI Foundation members receive free upgrades, meaning you have an endless adventure as new features are opened at no charge .

Once you master one level, there will be a new and even more exciting release!


What’s included in VDI membership?

When you first enter the App, you can choose to do some training. Here you can learn for the first time or practice/revise key skills after some time out of the water.

It is a great introduction for people interested in starting a scuba certification and it is an incredible training tool.

It is like a flight simulator, but accessible to everyone, across almost the entire world.

Then of course there’s the fun of diving! The original dive is what we call 6th Ocean, and it has two levels:

  • The first easy level allows you to get used to virtual diving without the added complication of equalization and buoyancy control.
  • The pro level adds these extra skills and a new dimension to the diving game.

In addition to the virtual world, VDI can link you to thousands of dive stores around the world via its VDI-friendly geolocator map.

Since launching two and a half months ago, VDI has had two upgrades which includes a new dive site to explore - compete with a wreck.

There is also a logbook so you can record time underwater, global leader boards, marine life additions, and an introduction to Diveland.

All these upgrades are included FREE with foundation membership – currently only $35 for lifetime ownership.


Coming soon to VDI - Diveland and real-life dive sites.

In early March, there will be another major upgrade with the introduction of Diveland, your first step into the diving metaverse where ultimately you can explore a land with fellow dive enthusiasts.

The introduction of Diveland in March will be very exciting and is a mini game in its own right.

VDI will also launch its first real-life dive site - the underwater statues of Grenada. This is as real as it gets without being there!

We have worked directly with Tom Gear, President of the Grenada Scuba Diving Association (GSDA) and Director of Aquanauts Grenada. Thank you very much for your assistance Tom.

We plan to develop several new real-life dive sites. If you would like to propose a site, please send images and a case for your favorite dive site to info@dashandsim.com.

We will post your recommendation on the VDI Facebook page and ask those who want this site to like the post.

Join VDI to secure your FREE entry into Gold Rush.

Our biggest project will launch later in 2022, when Gold Rush will be in full swing. Gold Rush will be a monthly search for a hidden idol with real prizes every month.

  • There will be a major treasure hunt in 2023 with more than $50,000 in prizes.
  • All foundation members receive free entry into Gold Rush.

VDI Foundation membership will be discontinued forever on March 15th, 2022, so get involved today!