VDI Diving Simulator – Free Upgrade Released!

Virtual Divers International (VDI) is the world’s first realistic diving simulator and allows you to perform essential scuba diving skills whilst playing a diving game. In the latest release of this innovative App, VDI Foundation Members have received a whole new range of exciting features. Read on to find out more.

What is the VDI diving simulator?

The VDI diving simulator is much more than just a game and engages divers of all experience levels. It provides years of entertainment, training opportunities, and endless exploration, that will evolve faster than you can explore! 

This App is as close to diving as you can get on your mobile device while playing a game at the same time. 

You can practice real-world diving skills just like you would in a scuba diving course. Things like putting dive gear together, clearing your mask, or learning cool hand signals so you can "talk" to your buddy underwater. 

When you take the virtual plunge, you will not only learn new skills, but you will also discover countless marine life and explore incredible underwater scenery. 

The upgrades and feature additions to this diving simulator game are almost endless.

The first upgrade includes all the initial features plus a whole new dive site and more:

  • The wreck of the Themistocles. Deeper than our first dive site. A wreck to explore.
  • Global Leader boards.
  • Gold and Fish Counters and collections.
  • Log Book, and total dive counter.
  • Extended missions and strategy.
  • More marine life and new marine life identification.
  • Certification saving offline.
  • Overall diving enjoyment improvements.

And the next few months hold so much more, including but not limited to:

  • Diveland, an exciting Metaverse where you will ultimately be able to meet new buddies in a virtual world above water.
  • Boat, SMB, Night, Deep, and Navigation Speciality courses.
  • Global Multiplayer.
  • 3 new dive sites.
  • 30 types of interactive marine life.
  • Hundreds of equipment additions.

This is all free to VDI Foundation members!

Get in early and become part of something big. We are transforming the way people discover diving for the first time and creating a way to be part of an exciting dive community anywhere, anytime.

Ready to join the VDI world?

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