7 Great Reasons Mermaiding is not just for Girls

Becoming a mermaid is a great way to improve your dive fitness, travel the world, start an exciting new career and more. It is no longer just a fairytale for girls! Have you always wanted to become a mermaid or merman? Here are our top reasons to try mermaiding today.

Why mermaiding is for everyone.

1. Improves your fitness.

Becoming a mermaid is one of the best ways to explore the underwater world. It allows you to go faster, further and enjoy the water in an entirely new way whilst improving your fitness. Mermaid swimming is a form of freediving that uses a mermaid fin, which is a type of monofin. Using these fins takes time to master but the rewards are well worth it! Monofin swimming strengthens most of the muscle groups in your legs, improves your stamina and boosts your aerobic fitness. As you learn how to use your monofin, you will also improve your swimming technique and body positioning in the water. Even when you are not being a mermaid, using a monofin is a fun way to liven up your swimming workouts.

2. Sharpens your underwater skills.

As you learn how to swim in mermaid equipment, you will gain confidence in the water and enhance your power and speed. It is a rewarding challenge that also builds core strength and improves your posture. All of which make you a better scuba diver and swimmer as well. With improved posture and strength, you can maximize your efficiency and reduce drag for easier and longer dives. Your stronger core will also help prevent back injuries as you enjoy your underwater sports. READ MORE: HOW TO BECOME AN UNDERWATER MODEL.

3. Strengthens your mind.

There is nothing like learning a new sport to keep your mind focused and improve your mental resilience. It is one of the best ways to realize just how capable you are, and becoming a mermaid is no exception! During the SSI Mermaid program, you learn all the skills and techniques you need to become a confident mermaid in pools and confined waters. The next logical step is to become an SSI Ocean Mermaid and learn how to go mermaiding in the ocean. If you love the idea of becoming an underwater model, then the SSI Model Mermaid course is for you. Whichever path you choose, you will be taught new mermaid skills and learn to meet your challenges with confidence. You will master your mind, go beyond any self-imposed limits and celebrate every success. Another important part of mermaiding is learning how to control your mind over your body, so you can deal with stressful situations more calmly in the water. As you develop this new mindset and confidence in your abilities, you will lower your stress levels and improve your wellbeing in numerous ways.

4. Builds lifelong friendships.

One of the best things about taking an SSI Mermaid training course is meeting like-minded people and sharing your adventures with them. Whether you are completing a mermaid course at home or going overseas, you will meet people from all walks of life. Just like with scuba diving and freediving, there are mermaids all over the world and they regularly meet up. Joining a ‘mermaid pod’ is a great way to have fun with other mermaids and build lifelong friendships. DISCOVER FEATURED DESTINATIONS IDEAL FOR MERMAID TRAINING.

5. You can travel the world.

Complete your SSI Mermaid training at idyllic destinations around the world including Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, the British Virgin Islands and the Maldives. All of which are perfect places to get certified and enjoy a relaxing vacation exploring pristine reefs and colorful marine life. SSI Mermaid courses are also available in countries throughout Europe, plus in China, the USA and more. Get inspired by browsing our Mermaid Center Locator or find your next perfect adventure on MyDiveGuide.

6. Become one with the ocean.

Unlike scuba diving, mermaiding allows you to move through the water in complete silence. You can get closer to marine life, as they will not be scared away by bubbles, and discover a sense of oneness with the ocean. With no heavy equipment holding you back, you can also move more easily as a mermaid and experience the ultimate feelings of freedom. If you love exploring the ocean as a mermaid, which we know you will, your next step is to become an SSI Level 1 Freediver. It is the purest way to connect with the ocean and discover the utter peace and tranquility freediving brings. READ MORE: DISCOVER THE 10 BEST FREEDIVING SPOTS IN THE WORLD.

7. Makes your dream career a reality.

As an SSI Mermaid Instructor, you can teach and certify all SSI mermaid student levels and work at SSI Training Centers represented in over 130 countries. It sounds like something out of a fairytale, but this fairytale can come true. Becoming a mermaid instructor is a perfect way to indulge your love of mermaiding and start an exciting new global career. You can go on to become an SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer and teach future mermaid instructors, become a professional mermaid model or an entertainer. The choice is yours and the only limit is your imagination, so start dreaming up your future adventures today! START THE ADVENTURE - BECOME A MERMAID WITH SSI.