Get Ready for World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day is 8 June! No matter if we live on the coast or far inland, we all need a healthy ocean to survive and thrive. By protecting our ocean, we also protect our climate and our future.

What is World Ocean Day?

World Ocean Day is an international day that takes place annually and unites the world to protect and restore our beautiful blue planet! The Ocean Project developed World Ocean Day in 2002 and since then they have grown a global network including youth groups, schools, zoos, aquariums and museums, businesses, recreational groups, government agencies and more. This is an incredible worldwide movement of people working to protect the global ocean for generations to come.

Drop the S! World Ocean Day is now singular!

To emphasize our connectedness to our planet, the ‘S’ is officially being dropped from World Ocean(s) Day in 2021. It is a return to the roots of this special day and aligns with the ocean literacy movement with scientists, educators and youth worldwide. World Ocean Day is all about one big ocean and one climate that connects us all!

Protecting at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030.

Each year,  The Ocean Project works with the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council to develop a Conservation Action Focus to help unite the world in taking action on an issue of critical importance. This year, World Ocean Day and its global network will support the growing movement to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030 ("30x30"). A healthy ocean is crucial to solving the climate crisis. By working with individuals and organizations around the globe, the team at The Ocean Project are focused on making this awesome goal a reality. READ MORE: 10 WAYS TO BE AN ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS DIVER.

Speak up for World Ocean Day!

Decisions about the future of our ocean are being made by world leaders this year and now is your time to speak up. The actions that these leaders take could affect the health of the global ocean for decades. Join the rest of the World Ocean Day community and help the growing movement for 30x30 right now:

1. Organizations.

  • Sign to support the 30x30 initiative as an organization.
  • Share the petition link (see above) for individualsin your organization and network to sign as well!

2. Individuals.

  • Sign now to support 30x30 as an individual.

Get more involved in World Ocean Day.

Check out the global event map and join a celebration online or near you! This year activities, events, and celebrations will be held both virtually and in-person, depending on the current situation with the pandemic. The  2021 Event Planning Toolkit is available for both in-person and virtual activities and celebrations. Register your event and add it to the global event map today! Be sure to follow @worldoceanday on social media and join the countless people worldwide sharing their love for our blue planet! To stay involved the other 364 days a year, subscribe to the World Ocean Day email list! READ MORE: JOIN THE SSI BLUE OCEANS COMMUNITY.

And remember...

World Ocean Day is 8 June every year, but we can all help every day! No matter where we live, we all affect the ocean, and the ocean affects us. One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together.