Mermaids: Can you work as a mermaid?

Many people, especially the coming generations, dream of finding their dream job. Whereas boys often dream of astronauts or secret agents, many girls would like to be princess or mermaid.

So far, these wishes were often ridiculed and not taken seriously. However, this could soon change because the job description "mermaid" suddenly shows more perspectives than expected.

Mermaids entertainer

As mermaid entertainers, doors open up into a magical working world. Whether at birthday parties, corporate events or in the water tank - as a mermaid you can bring smiles into people’s faces.

Since mermaids and mermen are rather immobile on land, big show performances and dance choreographies are not possible. However, some organizers like the idea that a mermaid welcomes their guests to a special event. Mermaids and mermen are perfect as a photo opportunity and a singing mermaid nicely placed in a large shell can also contribute to a fantastic atmosphere. Imagine a young girl goes to the swimming pool for her 5th birthday and suddenly meets a real mermaid. This birthday party could hardly be more magical.

Even underwater shows, where mermaids and mermen occur in pools are simply fascinating for the audience.
With a few important basics, such as a basic apnea training and some underwater posture practice, you can certainly work as a mermaid entertainer.

Mermaids Instructor

Teaching mermaid swimming to others and fulfilling dreams is certainly a dream job. As a mermaid coach this is possible. Most mermaid schools require their instructors to pre-qualify in water sports such as being a life guard, rescue diver or apnea instructor. In the professional mermaid workshop, the future mermaid trainers will be given the necessary basics to teach and after the aspiring trainers have assisted in various courses, they are then ready to teach mermaid courses themselves. Swimming in a mermaid's fin, making sure that others are safe and have fun and also get paid, is there anything better than that?

Mermaid Model

Even as a mermaid model you can earn your money. Whereas posing with a fin on land is a job that pretty much any model can do, underwater modeling requires a lot more experience and training. In addition to certain externals, a good underwater model must have important basics in water sports. A good apnea training and at least 500 dives in scuba diving and various underwater stress tests are an absolute prerequisite for any underwater model. Certainly, you do not get jobs every day as an underwater model, but the daily rates for models in underwater productions are in the 4- to 5-digit range.

Success Stories

There are now thousands of mermaids and mermen around the world working part-time as mystical water creatures. Completely full-time working as a mermaid / merman is certainly a bit harder.

One that has made it is the German Katrin Gray, alias Mermaid Kat. She works worldwide as a mermaid and underwater model, runs her own mermaid school, creates and sells her own mermaid tails and has large advertising and entertainment contracts.

To help others get started in the world of mermaids, the trained diving and apnea instructor teaches special workshops. For example, in September 2020, she plans a Mermaid Week in the Maldives, where mermaids and merman can not only learn a lot, but also swim with various marine life and get professional underwater photos.