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Scuba Skills Update

Recapture the feeling of total confidence after a longer period without diving by updating the skills learned in your Open Water Diver course.


Your Scuba Skills Update Dive Leader will review the knowledge you learned in your Open Water Diver class as well as cover any new material. You will review dive planning, dive tables and dive execution to keep you safe during future diving activities.


In the Scuba Skills Update you will have the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your open water diver class and learn techniques that may have changed. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination, as well as practice your self-aid skills - all under the guidance of a dive leader.


The Scuba Skills Update is a great opportunity to re-learn your current equipment, or the perfect time to learn about and adjust your new equipment with the guidance of a dive leader.

With this type of preparation you will be able to experience more relaxed dives.

Start now! Watch the SSI Skill Videos FREE online to update your skills and click here to find an SSI Dive Center or Dive Resort to complete your Scuba Skills Update.

01: Snorkel Equipment Preparation
Get ready: Mask, Antifog, Snorkel, Fins

02: Entry Snorkeling Controlled Seated
Entry seated

03: Entry Snorkeling Giant Stride
Entry Giant Stride

04: Entry Snorkeling Feet First Jump
Giant Stride Entry. Often used from Boats.

05: Equipment Assembly Scuba
Scuba Equipment Assembly

06: Scuba Entry Controlled Seated
Scuba Entry Seated

07: Scuba Entry Giant Stride
Scuba Entry Giant Stride

08: Scuba Entry Feet First Jump
Scuba Entry Feet First Jump

09: Scuba Unit Surface
Scuba Unit Surface

10: Weight System Surface
Weight System Remove Replace at Surface

11: Regulator Retrival Reaching Back
Regulator Retrival: Reaching Back

12: Regulator Retrival Arm Sweeping
Regulator Retrival: Arm Sweeping

13: Mask Clearing 1 2 Full
Mask Clearing (full)

14: Mask Clearing Full
Mask Clearing (partial)

15: Mask Clearing Remove Replace
Mask Clearing Remove Replace

16: Buoyancy Control
Buoyancy Control

17: Moving Underwater
Moving Underwater

18: Weight System Remove Replace
Weight System Remove Replace Under Water

19: Weight System Remove Replace Belts
Weight Belt Remove Replace Under Water

20: Scuba Unit
Scuba System Remove Replace Under Water

21: Sharing Air Passing Primary
Air Share (pass primary)

22: Sharing Air Octopus
Air Share (pass octopus)

23: Sharing Air Ascent Primary
Air Share Ascent (pass primary)

24: Sharing Air Ascent Octopus
Air Share Ascent (pass octopus)

25: Emergency Swimming Ascent
Emergency Swimming Ascent

26: Emergency Buoyant Ascent
Emergency Buoyant Ascent