From Stripes to Spots

Zebra sharks are a nocturnal shark species belonging to the family of “carpet sharks” that prefer to lay sedentary along the ocean floor during daylight hours. This shark has a very distinctive body shape and coloration, trading the vertical stripes it has as a juvenile, giving its name, for dark spots set against pale skin as an adult. These graceful animals boast five distinct ridges longways down their bodies, ending in a uniquely long caudal fin. It is one of the more beautiful species and a favorite sighting amongst scuba divers.

Because he belongs to the small group of sharks that do not have to swim continuously to breath, it is often found resting in the sand under reef ridges facing the current so they can effectively pump water over their gills. They are found living on coral and rocky reefs in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific. If diving with zebra sharks is on your bucket list, explore the map below to find the best dive sites in the world where they live.