Large, Omnivorous Hunters

Tiger sharks are omnivores, having the widest food spectrum of all the sharks, and will eat virtually anything they can fit between their jaws, including fish, rays, seals, sea snakes, even seabirds and turtles. This makes them especially vulnerable to the effects of ocean trash as they will not hesitate to eat garbage like tires, plastic bags, and even car license plates. The special, extremely sharp shape of their teeth allow them to bite through the shells of turtles, crustaceans, and even bones. Their name comes from the dark tiger-like vertical striped bodies of the younger sharks, which fade and are usually absent in adults.

The tiger shark is the fourth largest shark in the world. During the day they retreat into the open sea, returning to coastal areas only at dusk to hunt. It is an extraordinary experience to dive with tiger sharks and witness their raw power and commanding presence. Respect and caution should always be observed when diving with tiger sharks and don’t forget your camera! Click here to find the handful of locations tiger sharks are consistently seen throughout the world.