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The oceanic whitetip shark is well recognizable by its long fins, which are rounded off in contrast to the pointed tips of many other sharks. Its name comes from the white colored tips of its fins. With a length of about 3 meters, he is one of the larger sharks in the oceans. If you want to dive with oceanic whitetip sharks, then you’ll have to travel to tropical and subtropical regions, as they do not like cooler waters.

Oceanic whitetip sharks are both diurnal and nocturnal, usually found using their large pectoral fins to cruise comfortably through the water. They are, however, capable of surprising bursts of speed when the opportunity to rush in to a feeding frenzy presents itself. These animals are very curious, historically know to follow ships at sea, and will swim within just a few meters of scuba divers. When done with respect and caution, diving with oceanic whitetip sharks is an unforgettable and humbling experience. Click here to find the most reliable locations around the world to encounter these majestic predators.