Extremely Adaptable

Bull sharks have a very unique ability to adapt perfectly to their environment, allowing them to live in both salt and fresh water. Being one of the few marine species that are able to survive in both fresh and saltwater allows them to frequent rivers and coastal areas alike, commonly putting them into close contact with humans. This frequent proximity to humans has unfortunately put them at the top of the list for shark attacks. Done right, however, scuba diving in clear ocean water with bull sharks can be a thrilling, one-in-a-lifetime experience. These creatures are usually around the 3 meters long, however, they grow very slowly, which means that they are not fully grown until about 10 years old.

Bull sharks get their name from their short, blunt head, strong bodies, and their tendency to head-butt prey before attacking; all characteristics reminiscent of a bull. Their perfectly triangular dorsal fin makes the bull shark easy to distinguish from other shark species. If you’re looking to dive with bull sharks, you can find them in coastal areas of tropical and subtropical seas. Click here to find the most popular locations to dive with these animals.