Most Distinguished Noses

The blue shark is easily recognizable by its muzzle, longer than it is wide with a slight upward bend. It gets its name, however, from the bright blue color of its skin. This creature is also notable for its very large eyes and the nearly black tips of its fins. They live almost exclusively in the open sea and can dive up to 350 meters deep, therefore, it’s unlikely you will ever encounter these sleek swimmers near the coast. Getting to dive with blue sharks is an incredible experience as they are very curious and like to swim close to divers. Because of their curiosity it is important to treat them with respect, not attempting to touch or handle them in any way.

For the most part the blue shark is a very slow and comfortable swimmer. However, if he is in danger, he can quickly become one of the fastest fish in the ocean. These animals feed on a diet very different than most fish. In addition to the typical shark diet of bait fish, they also feed on octopuses, smaller sharks, and the escaping fish from fishery operations. Because of the latter, they often become victim to bycatch and are also one of the main species hunted for shark fin soup. Become a blue shark advocate by spending time diving with these majestic creatures and viewing them in their natural habitat. Find out where to dive with blue sharks here.