Extraordinarily Colored Fish

Most wrasses species have extraordinary, bright coloration. With over 600 different species, wrasses are as varied in size as they are in their brilliant color. They are identifiable by their elongated bodies, protruding canine teeth, and thick lips. It is fantastic to dive with wrasses and watch them swimming around coral reefs firsthand. These lively fish make coral reefs even more colorful.

Wrasses are found worldwide in tropical, subtropical, and temperate saltwater regions, most commonly along coasts and on coral reefs. Possibly more intriguing than their beauty is their unique ability to clean other sea creatures. They are often referred to as “cleaner fish” as they offer cleaning services to other marine animals such as groupers, eels, turtles, manta rays, and many other fish. The most famous of its kind is the Napoleon wrasse found throughout the Indian Ocean. It’s an amazing experience to dive with the enormous Napoleon wrasse with its trademark large bumped head. Have you ever seen one? Click here to find out where you can dive the wrasses of the world.