One of the Weirdest Looking Fish

Part of the anglerfish family, the unique frogfish could probably be voted one of the strangest-looking fish in the sea. Small in size, the frogfish is easily recognizable by its short, stocky, brightly colored body covered in spinules. The frogfish always looks worried with a mouth that gapes open, making it a favorite amongst photographers.

You can go scuba diving with frogfish in most tropical and subtropical oceans and seas worldwide, the main exception being the Mediterranean Sea. Look for them “walking“ along the ocean floor using their leg-like fins. With about 50 different species of frogfish, you can find these masters of disguise in various shades of pink, yellow, red, orange, and brown to camouflage with the reef around them. To discover where you can dive with frogfish, explore the dive site map below.