Beautiful and Delicious

One of the more beautiful types of freshwater fish, trout is the common name for a large number of different freshwater species closely related to salmon. They live exclusively in freshwater lakes and rivers and come in a wide variety of colors that change based on their environment, making them masters at camouflage. Preferring cool, clear streams and lakes, they can be found in waters averaging 10-16 degrees C (50-60 degrees F) so if you want to go diving with trout you better bring a thick wetsuit.

Different species are native to North America, northern Asia, and Europe, and were introduced to Australia and New Zealand by fishing enthusiasts in the 19th century. The most commonly sighted species are the brown trout in Europe and the rainbow trout in both America and Asia. Not only are they exciting to see while diving, they are an important food source for humans and many animals such as bears and birds of prey. If you have always wanted to dive with them, explore the map below for the most popular diving destinations.