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The United Kingdom is made up of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The specific bodies of water that surround it are the North Sea, the English Channel, and the Celtic Sea. When taken together, the UK has the 12th-longest coastline in the entire world. The total area of the UK is around 242,500 square kilometers (93,600 square miles) and is populated by approximately 66 million people.

The United Kingdom or the UK for short is an independent country comprised of multiple nations. These nation-states are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For our purposes here, we will talk about the entire region as the UK, even in reference to countries and territories that are not technically part of it such as Ireland and some other surrounding islands. This region is part of Europe and sits to the northwest of the mainland part of the continent. It is a region with a lot of important history, economic and political power and, as an island nation, a lot of great diving locations.

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In Wales, there are many good dive locations around the country, including Anglesey and Pembrokeshire.

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in the summer months, you can can expect to see sharks in Scotland

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In Cornwall you will find dramatic granite cliffs and sheltered bays, providing a wealth of different dive experiences for all levels of diver.

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Devon is divided it into two different types of dive locations offering an impressive variety of marine life.

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Dorset is set on the English Channel and is a great option for diving, with a whole host of dive sites, whether you’re beginner or advanced.

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England’s south-east is also great for spotting macro, everything from colorful nudibranch to cuttlefish as well as lobsters, crabs and lumpsuckers.

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The underwater scenery of the North East is dramatic with rocky parts of the coastline providing divers with plenty of exciting areas to explore.

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The Channel Island region is a great place to dive in the UK to see a wide range of underwater species.

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