Diving in the South East of UK

Dominated by the pretty counties of Sussex and Kent, south-east England also makes for a great dive spot, with a varied coastline of towering chalk cliffs and sweeping sandy beaches. It is also home to a host of Marine Conservation Zones, protected so that they can maintain the unique sea life and topography. If you think the cliffs of Beachy Head are impressive, then head underwater and keep a close eye out to spot the seahorses that thrive in this protected area, or visit Goodwin Sands, the 16km (10-mile)-long sand bank where the waters are filled with shipwrecks and downed air craft. They call the area the Great Ship Swallower and these sandbanks are said to hold the remains of up to 1,000 ships. England’s south-east is also great for spotting macro, everything from colorful nudibranch to cuttlefish as well as lobsters, crabs and lumpsucker. This part of England is charming above the water as below, where picture-perfect villages have thatched houses, coastal fisherman’s towns are various pastel shades and rolling countryside rival the beaches of golden sand. Kent is known as the Garden of England and is famous for its hops that are turned into ale, while Sussex is home to the country’s vineyards.

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There are numerous dive sites in Selsey both close to shore and further out so it can accommodate many levels of divers.

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Aquatic Life in South East

There is some interesting marine life to see in this area such as Cat-Sharks, Smooth-hound sharks and Rays. However, most of what you will see here is pretty common fish and other creatures that are common to the area. Even so, there is lots of these fish, crustaceans and more and they are definitely fun to look at. These include lobsters, crabs, wrasse, Pollack, blennies, nudibranchs, pouting, bass, cod, bid, eels, and gobies among a host of other fish that reside in the southeastern portion of the English Channel.

Dive Sites in South East