Diving in the North East of England

The scenery in the northeast of England is just as beautiful as other parts of the country, but more wild and rugged. The most northerly county in England, it shares a border with Scotland and is one of the least densely populated areas of the country. The underwater scenery is just as dramatic as that above the surface, with rocky parts of the coastline providing divers with plenty of exciting areas to explore and numerous wrecks resting on the sea bed that are a delight for technical dives. Beginners will have their fair share of fun too with shallower dives revealing plenty of interesting critters. The waters here are chilly and you’ll either need a thick wetsuit or a dry suit even in September and October which are the months when the water is at its warmest. However, for the brave, there is diving all year round, even when the sea is rough, thanks to some inland sites. The Farne islands in Northumberland are some of the UK’s most perilous waters for shipping, which means there are plenty of exciting wrecks to explore, as well as playful seals to swim with and great crustaceans and anemones to spot, not to mention the fish flitting past.

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The town of Seahouses is so famed for diving because of its access to The Farne Islands, which are located off the coast of Northumberland

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