Diving in Tabuk

Possessing the longest stretch of coastline on the Red Sea in all of Saudi Arabia makes diving in Tabuk Region a prominent ocean-going activity. Home to both the Red Sea Project and NEOM, two large coastal development projects, the Tabuk Provence is soon to become a top tourist destination along the Red Sea. This area has all the makings to rival the most popular dive destinations of Egypt. The underwater world of this stretch of the Red Sea is nearly untouched and will surely satisfy even the most experienced diver’s curiosity. With water temperatures ranging from 25 - 30 C, diving is excellent here year-round with amazing visibility. These crystal-clear waters are bordered by sheltered, sandy beaches, perfect for a lazy afternoon. Tabuk Provence is also well known for its historical sites where ancient civilizations once lived and where key locations of important past events mentioned in both the Quran and the Bible reside, and can still be visited today. Come experience this culturally rich region of Saudi Arabia where monuments of the past meet the progression of the future.

Wildlife Encounters in Tabuk Region

Tabuk Province covers a significant portion of Saudi Arabia’s coastline along the Red Sea, giving this region a great and unique diversity of fish. The northern area of Tabuk Region is home to large groupers and sharks. Barracuda are also commonly spotted. The variety of marine life in Tabuk Province is nearly unmatched throughout the rest of the world, especially amongst smaller species. Macro photographers particularly enjoy this area. Shipwrecks also abound, making this a great wreck diving location.

Dive Sites to visit in Tabuk Region