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The southern Dalmatian coast, a narrow belt of the east shore of the Adriatic Sea, offers some of the best diving in the Adriatic Sea. The coast forms part of Dalmacija, one of the four historical regions of Croatia, alongside Croatia proper, Slavonia, and Istria. In general, southern Dalmatia is more populous, as well as being frequented by many more tourists, than the quieter north. However, this should not put off any diver as there is a multitude of excellent dive sites to organise a truly wonderful scuba adventure; from caves to shipwrecks, to walls and reefs, it has something for every level. Stretching from the ’finger-like’ peninsula of Ražanj in the north, to the Bay of Kotor in the south, here you will enjoy the warm temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea, and the amazing diversity of marine life that brings. Many divers base themselves in Dubrovnik, while some of the amazing islands to explore include Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo and the three islands that make up the archipelago of Elaphite. Here you can enjoy breathtaking beaches and fantastic visibility, choosing between day trips out to different dives or perhaps even joining a liveaboard. The southern Dalmatian coastline, is characterised by the majestic Dinaric mountain range, deep blue waters.

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The Adriatic Sea along the Southern Dalmatian coastline is characterised by a particular clarity and deep blue color. The underwater life of the southern coast, like the northern cousin, is diverse and varied. No wonder it’s considered one of Croatia’s most prized fishing grounds, offering schools of bluefin tuna, broadbill swordfish, and even a blue shark or thresher shark. Around the coast many islands, there are great numbers of albacore, amberjack, mahi-mahi, as well as sea bream, grey mullet, lobster, crab and octopus, found nestled in between its rocks and quays.