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Singapore is an island city-state located in southeast Asia; a global financial center and an essential location for education, healthcare, tourism and trade. This country has taken the stepped into the conservation of many natural reserves to retain its fauna and flora. The main garden of the country, Singapore Botanic Gardens, is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can expect to find a beautiful country with a tropical climate.

Singapore is a wonderful destination for scuba diving. While everybody plans to visit Singapore for its art and picturesque neighbourhoods, Pulau Hantu, also known as Ghost Island, is a hidden gem, located south of Singapore and made up of two main islands. Expect to be awed by the amount of extraordinary macro life that resides in the muck waters. All you need is a 45-minute day trip by boat departing from the bustling city. Average visibility is about 28 meters deep (91.9 feet), and the water temperature is usually warm. Underwater caves, tunnels and an exotic marine life awaits you.

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