Diving in Sardinia

Sardinia is a large island located on off the west coast of the Italian peninsula. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and some say it has the best diving in Italy. Here you won’t just explore rugged caves and fascinating wrecks, you can also enjoy quite technical dives, while beginners will love trying out the array of shore dives available.

Sardinia is located between two different parts of the Mediterranean, the Tyrrhenian Sea is on the east side of the island and the Sea of Sardinia is on the west. The island has three different protected marine areas in the surrounding waters. They are, Protected Marine Area La Maddalena, Area Marina Protteta di Tavolara, and Area Marina Protteta di Capo Carbonara.

Here you can expect clear waters and plentiful marine life as well as water temperatures of up to 26C (79F) in the summer months, which is when you are more likely to see underwater life. Strict rules in areas such as Tavolara mean you can still enjoy pristine scenery and wonderful biodiversity, seemingly unchanged for decades.

The island also boasts over 100 beaches that come in all different shapes and sizes, perfect for relaxing after your dive.

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