Diving in Salzburger Land

Salzburg is both a city and the name of the province. From the metropolis of majestic buildings that look like something out of fairy tales, you can venture into the nearby mountains, the setting for the famous movie The Sound of Music. This same scenery of mountains, alpine meadows, mountain huts and glassy likes also make for a great diving destination – and one of the best diving hot spots in Austria. Notable lakes in the region include Wallersee and and the Lake Wolfgang bordering on the Salzburg region – one the most popular and best-loved – at 114 meters (374ft). Famous Attersee and Mondsee are not even one hour drive from Salzburg. Also the The water quality here is exceptional and often these lakes are used for bathing and a whole host of water sports, as well as offering a pristine diver environment with great visibility. There is plenty of underwater life to keep you entertained and the scenic setting, combined with pretty towns fringing the lakes, make for a holistic holiday destination. The water is at its warmest in the months of June to September, but even then it cools off quickly as you reach the lower depths, but often the light penetrates up to 30 meters (98ft) thanks to the clear waters and there are often great sunken objects for you to explore, such as traditional VW Beetles in Achensee..

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Lake Wolfgang is renowned for being one of the most famous, and perhaps, the best-loved of vacation lakes in the region.

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Aquatic Life in Salzburg

Salzburger Land has bountiful fish stocks and inviting underwater landscapes. Its mountain lakes offer oases of peace and quiet, creating a truly unique diving experience especially for those more accustomed to sea diving. Enjoy the pure waters with fantastic visibility and look out for fish species such as the Danube Salmon, pike-perch, sturgeon, trout, catfish, grayling, coregonus, even freshwater eel, trench and char – to name just a few. There is nothing quite like swimming in an alpine lake to make you feel healthy and refreshed, the water in these lakes is of drinking quality.