Diving in Safaga

Safaga is a small, coastal town located approximately 53 kilometers (33 miles) south of Hurghada. It is part of an area known in the region as the Red Sea Riviera. It is a wonderfully secluded tourist destination with just a few vacation homes and bungalows along with a small hotel. There are also a few smaller resorts in the neighboring areas. The area is very popular with a wide range of water sports and activities enthusiasts. It is a great place to join a liveaboard so you can venture out further and discover the range of sites featuring amazing wrecks and reefs. There are some short liveaboard trips available, but many are seven days, using well-appointed dive boats that will ensure you have a comfortable trip. You can enjoy daily dives, but the days are long. Diving here is a treat for the variety of marine life you can spot, from turtles to hammerhead sharks and everything in between. In addition to the wide range of on the water activities, Safaga draws tourists for its beautiful scenery off the water as well. Safaga is famed for its black sand-dunes as well as an unpolluted atmosphere with some very special mineral springs.

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Soma Bay

Soma Bay has a rich marine ecosystem and an astonishing variety of marine life which any visitor enjoys.

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Aquatic Life in Safaga

Marine life in this protected marine area in Safaga is highly vibrant and also quite varied. The highly saline water in Safaga is minerals rich and at the center of the bay, you will find an attractive shallow coral garden. Underwater in Safaga, you get to enjoy several reef wall systems where big pelagic creatures are often found passing by. Sharks are in abundance here with hammerheads, white-tip, grey reef, and leopard sharks the dominant species. You will also find unicorn fish, barracuda, snappers, surgeonfish, tuna, manta rays, and turtles.

Dive Sites in Safaga