Diving in Nha Trang

They call Nha Trang the home of scuba diving in Vietnam. And what a home it is. Pretty Nha Trang has become a hub for divers thanks to its wonderful variety, from fascinating macros to the eagle rays you can spot at dive sites further from the shore. Talking of the shore, the beach here is a wide bay that is constantly included among some of the most beautiful in the world. There are sands of brilliant white and palms that sway in the breeze. Then there are the tropical islands strewn off-shore and ideal for diving, not to mention the vibrant tourist scene on Nha Trang itself. The dry season runs from January to August, when the diving is at its best. The calm waters with very little current make it a great place to learn to dive, while rocky outcrops, pinnacles, caverns and swim-throughs add excitement for more advanced divers. Here you will see plenty of macro at the various dive sites, from Madonna Rock to Moray Beach and even the evocatively-named Black Island. Back on land backpacker mix with more upmarket tourists and there is a great nightlife scene as well as plenty more relaxing ways to spend your time, such as exploring the wonderful tropical beaches.

Featured places to go in Nha Trang

Hon Mun Island

Nha Trang Mun Island sits in its own marine park and has a fantastic array of different soft and hard coral as well as a plethora of marine species.

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Wildlife Encounters in Nha Trang

A macro diver’s dream, here you are sure to see brilliantly-colored nudibranch as well as seahorses and frogfish and shrimp. The three dive sites that make up this area are also home to more than 350 different species of coral, which parrotfish, scorpionfish, lionfish and clownfish all call home. You may even see moray eels gliding through the water, while bigger animals you could spot also include octopus and grouper, perhaps even trevally and tuna or if you’re really lucky the odd stingray. While it’s not famed for its prolific marine life, there is certainly enough to note in your logbook.