Diving in New Zealand

The backdrop to many feature films like the Lord of the Rings series, New Zealand is famous for stunning scenery and varying landscapes. With more than 1,500km of coastline ranging from idyllic subtropical coves to snow-capped fiords, it is no wonder why diving in New Zealand is fantastic. Most cities are along the coastline, and you are never further than a few hour’s drive to the ocean!

The islands of New Zealand abound in rich Maori culture and natural beauty. With two large main islands and over 700 smaller ones, there is no shortage of places to explore. Diving in New Zealand is just as impressive and spectacular as its landscape, with various diving hotspots scattered around the country offering incredibly diverse diving opportunities. Many regard the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve in the North as unbeatable for its stunning underwater topography. The Coromandel Peninsula is famous for boating enthusiasts, and liveaboards in Fiordland offer a unique and breathtaking landscape to divers looking for a more remote diving experience.

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