Diving in Kaikoura

Kaikoura’s coastline is a very special place with a remarkable level of biodiversity. Rugged, wild and unpredictable, the coastline always has a sense of excitement. Kaikoura township is on the SH1 between Blenheim and Christchurch. The highlight of the South Island’s east coast stretches fifty kilometers north and south from the Kaikoura peninsula. Every congregation of rocks along here are supplemented by The Kaikoura Canyon only a few kilometers offshore. This creates kelp forests with an abundance of marine life both large and small. From the surface to depths of 50m, the waters of Kaikoura can take your breath away with the vast possibilities of what to see. The South Pacific Ocean combined with the beautiful mountain ranges bring in wild weather and pristine scenery. Marine life has developed systems to withstand the onslaught of this expanse; kelp clings onto stable rocks, fish create dens in which they dwell safely, and certain species are camouflaged. In the summer months the water can reach 21 degrees Celsius and marine mammals come out to play. In the winter months, the water gets as low as 8 degrees Celsius. Kaikoura is the land of remarkable New Zealand diving, delicious seafood, and an endless sky. The local Koura (crayfish) are abundant and there is always something new to see.

Dive Sites to visit in Kaikoura

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