Diving in La Graciosa

The Canary archipelago’s La Graciosa Island is part of the largest marine reserve in Europe. While scuba diving in La Graciosa, you will see the exceptional landscape that houses one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. The El Bajo de las Gerardias dive site draws scientists from around the globe to study this area’s biodiverse marine life. Different ecosystems, volcanic rock formations, amazing backlighting, crevices, tunnels and galleries, impressive schools of fish, gorgonians, corals, valuable archaeological remains from the 16th century, the endangered angel shark, trevally, groupers, hogfish, stingrays, spider crabs, and lobsters are all just some of the fascinating things you will see while diving in La Graciosa.

Dive Sites to visit in La Graciosa

Wildlife Encounters in La Graciosa