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Set right in the middle of Europe, Germany is a wonderful destination for anyone interested in nature, a third of the country is covered by forests and woodlands. As well as castles and stylish cities, it also has white-sand beaches, beautiful islands and of course its fair share of mountains. Finally, a sign of the country’s tempestuous past, its capital – currently Berlin – has shifted seven times through its history.

It may seem hard to believe with is limited stretch of coastline, but Germany is a nation of divers. Not only is it fringed by the Baltic, it is also home to countless alpine lakes with crystal clear waters and even ‘indoor diving centers’ for those looking to hone their skills. If you like wreck diving, you’ll be in paradise here with World War Two wrecks littering the Baltic and providing a fascinating adventure. But most dives will probably take place in the mountain lakes where freshwater life blooms and the backdrop to each dive is positively breathtaking.

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