Diving in Northern Germany

From Hemmoor to Wildschütz to Brass Hausen - Germany is full of good diving, whether you want to dive in the North or Baltic seas, try out a lake or two or even go to an indoor diving center. The infrastructure is excellently designed so that beginners, advanced and technical divers alike are happy. You can experience amazing wrecks or fish ranging from carp and pike-perch to Danube salmon, bream, grayling, and eel. And if you are lucky to dive in some of its ancient waters, you will encounter spectacular rock formations, underwater forests or even drowned objects such as old aircraft, cars or buildings.
Northern Germany has plenty to offer travelers beyond its coastline, which itself is dotted with charming historic towns with medieval centers. There are lakes scattered across the landscape, from old quarries to manmade reservoirs and even high-altitude lakes with crystalline waters. Here, divers have added points of interest to explore with wrecks and artificial reefs that encourage a great variety of local fish such as pike, perch and catfish. Combine diving in this beautiful and varied area with visits to mountain retreats and castles as well as the port city of Hamburg.

Featured places to go in Northern Germany


Hemmoor Kreidesee is a flooded opencast chalk mine set where you can explore artificial reefs underwater.

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Schweriner See

Schweriner See, a glacier tongue lake, is one of the most popular dive centers in northern Germany.

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The Tollensesee near Neubrandenburg is one of the most interesting diving spots in Northern Germany.

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Müritz See

Lake Müritz is set in its own national park and has plenty of dive sites to keep divers of all levels interested.

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Carwitzer See

Carwitz Lake has nutrient depletion and good visibility for optimal training conditions.

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The Dreetzsee is beautiful and covered over a large area at 10m depth.

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Schmaler Luzin

Schmaler Luzin has difficult entry points but offers boulders of different sizes and underwater trees.

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Stechlinsee is very traditional diving spot and its shores are a nature reserve.

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Wummsee extends over 1.5 square kilometers and has crystalline waters turning from turquoise to deep blue.

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Großer Fürstenseer See

The Great Lake Fürstensee has a very good water quality and the lake has become a popular diving area.

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Neustädter See

Lake Neustädter See, once a gravel mine, offers great night dives and you can see pike, perch, and eels.

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Löbejün contains three quarry pots, which are close together, which are among the most popular dive sites in East Germany.

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Straussee lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful diving waters in close proximity to the German capital, Berlin.

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Dive Sites in Northern Germany

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