Diving in East Malaysia

You will have an unforgettable underwater experience in East Malaysia, one of the most important and beautiful scuba diving destinations in the world. This is one of the two main regions in Malaysia and is also known as Malaysian Borneo. Compared to West Malaysia, this region is less populated and developed; as a consequence, it has a high availability of natural resources. Thriving pristine coral reefs and untouched marine life can be found here. You will also find some of the less crowded dive sites in Malaysia. Due to the warm waters of the region, you will find many green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles. Schools of barracuda and species such as parrotfish will swim nearby as you explore the wonders of East Malaysia. You will also find species such as mandarin fish, mimic octopuses, yellow pikes, angelfish, and even pufferfish. One of the big attractions is night diving. The recommended months for you to visit are between April to August; however, diving is made all year-round. Some of the places you can’t miss, include Pulau Sipadan with its 5-meter (16 feet) drop-off, Miri the second largest city in Sarawak and Layang Layang with waters that go as deep as 2000 meters (6562 feet).

Featured places to go in East Malaysia

Miri is located on the Northwest coast of Borneo and filled with WWII wrecks and artificial reefs.

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Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is trendy among snorkelers and divers, with one of the most popular choices being Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

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Mabul & Sipadan Island

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia, formed by living corals growing on an extinct volcanic cone.

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Layang-Layang Island

Layang Layang, also known as “The Jewel of the Borneo Banks,“ is located Northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and mostly for advanced divers.

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Aquatic Life in East Malaysia

East Malaysia is well-known around the world for its marine diversity, with around 600 types of corals and 1200 fish species. You can also expect a wide array of shark species, with shark diving as one of the main attractions. Other species include different families of turtles and pelagics. Coral reefs thrive as conservation efforts took off with the support of East Malaysia’s government. Adventures that can be done in this region include wall diving, shallow reef diving, night diving, and snorkeling. Visibility is high and tends to go over 30 meters deep (98 feet).

Dive Sites in East Malaysia