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Curaçao, a hidden gem in the Caribbean, offers fantastic snorkeling and diving, incredible beaches and sunny climate with a gentle breeze all year round. This island is located 12 degrees north of the equator, below the hurricane belt. The capital city, Willemstad, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with colorful Dutch colonial architecture, so make sure you bring your camera. Willemstad is also home to the floating Queen Emma Bridge and the 185 feet high (56 meters) Queen Juliana Bridge.

One of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean can be found in Curaçao. Very close to the shore, you will find many thriving coral reefs with abundant marine life. The Curaçao island is famous for its many easily accessible shore dives that are scattered along the beautiful south coast. This destination is also well-known for its many dive sites, which are only reachable through the comfort of diving from a boat. All levels of divers are welcome in Curaçao all year round, as the water here has excellent visibility and warm temperatures. Head to the west point and the eastern side of Curaçao and dive into the crystalline waters to see untouched world-class reefs.

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