Diving in Chubut

Located in central Argentina, the Chubut Province is home to the country’s highest concentration of dive sites. Most divers looking to encounter amazing and unique Argentina marine life plan their Argentina diving adventure in the Chubut Province. Most divers traveling to this area base their diving excursions in the city of Puerto Madryn. There are many dive centers to choose from in Puerto Madryn that offer daily dive boat excursions. The most popular areas to dive in Chubut Province are Peninsula Valdes with its resident sea lion colony and breeding population of southern right whales, Punta Loma with more sea lion encounters, and Bahia Puerto Madryn with many marine parks and shipwrecks to explore. Diving in Chubut Province has so much to offer, even the most experienced diver will have the thrill of a lifetime. The underwater topography varies from shallow rocky reefs to deeper drop-offs, providing plenty of dive sites to suit beginner to advanced divers. Colorful sea anemones and large plumes cover the reefs and provide habitat to many interesting invertebrates; however, thousands of divers journey here every year for the once-in-a-lifetime marine mammal encounters. Divers are guaranteed up-close-and-personal interactions with friendly sea lions, elephant seal sightings, and southern right whale encounters.

Featured places to go in Chubut

Peninsula Valdes

The Península Valdez is a unique area and offers some of the best scuba diving in Argentina.

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Bahia Puerto Madryn

An excellent Argentinian diving location for shipwrecks and historical artifacts is Bahia Puerto Madryn in the Chubut Province.

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Wildlife Encounters in Chubut

The Chubut Province is home to a diverse array of Argentina marine life. Large marine mammal encounters are what draw thousands of divers to the Chubut Province every year. Active sea lions fill these waters thanks to the protected colonies throughout this region. Dive centers offer excursions for snorkelers and divers specifically to interact with these fast swimmers. Do not be surprised when one buzzy right by your head or tries to chew on the tip of your fin! Lucky divers will also see the giant southern right whale this area is famous for and elephant seals. Large invertebrates like sea stars, sea urchins, and crabs also cover the reefs along with many fish species.