Diving in Apulia

The Apulia or Puglia region is in Southern Italy on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, and also bordering the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto. It is known by many as the ‘heel” of the boot-shaped country. Here you will be diving in crystal clear water an enjoying nearly 40 different pristine dive sites where all levels of diver will find something of interest. Then there is the Marine Protected Area of Tremiti, an archipelago of five islands that look more like Croatia than the rest of Italy. Here the aquamarine waters hide glorious underwater caves, perfect for more advanced divers to explore, along with rocky archways and black coral. There are even World War Two plane wrecks to explore and huge lobster and barracuda to spot as you swim. No dive site is far away with just a 10-minute boat trip to reach them all, meaning you can explore even more of this special region during our trip. Apulia has the longest coastline in mainland Italy. The region experiences a typical Mediterranean climate. On the Adriatic sea side, the coastal areas are frequently exposed to high winds which affect the water currents and can make diving difficult for more novice divers.

Featured places to go in Apulia

Tremiti Archipelago

Tremiti Archipelago is not the most well-known archipelago in the region, so it offers an uncrowded diving experience.

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Dive Sites in Apulia

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