Diving in the Northwestern Federal District

Diving in northwest Russia is sure to bring excitement to even the most seasoned diver. There are fantastic fresh and saltwater dive sites scattered throughout the northwest. From the ice-covered White Sea to the freshwater lakes of the interior, Russia diving in this region is diverse, to say the least. Home to St. Petersburg, Russia’s original capital city, the Leningrad Oblast region is the cultural hub of Russia. Divers will enjoy the historical wrecks of WWII found in the depths of the Baltic Sea, which borders this busy region. If you are looking for a unique freshwater Russia diving experience, head north to the Republic of Karelia, home to over 28,000 lakes. The most popular is Lake Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe, with a maximum depth of 225 meters, where you can see up to 40 fish species and the endemic ringed seal. You can find even more freshwater diving in the Murmansk Region, which borders the White Sea but is home to over 110,000 freshwater lakes. Much of Russia’s ice diving takes place along the White and Barents Sea in the northwest, where adventurous and experienced divers can explore the mysterious ice-covered underwater world. Beneath the frozen surface, you will find a breath-taking landscape covered in life with the possibility of beluga whale encounters.

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Gulf of Finland

Diving in the Gulf of Finland is like visiting one large ship cemetery.

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Wildlife Encounters in Northwestern Federal District

When diving in Russia’s lakes, you will see freshwater fish species typical to Europe and Russia like bream, roach, crucian carp, and perch. Diving in the Baltic Sea will allow divers to encounter fish species like flounder, smelt, cod, and sprat. The much colder Barents Sea is home to flounder, halibut, cod, herring, wolffish, sea bass, beluga whales, seals, harp seals, soft corals, and many echinoderms. Introduced from Kamchatka, king crab and snow crab are also widespread, and the laminaria kelp forests are breathtaking. Diving in the White Sea offers similar sightings with flounder, smelt, cod, sprat, beluga whales, soft corals, and echinoderms.

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