8 Micronesia Wreck Dives For Every Diver

Micronesia is a diver’s paradise, offering everything from flourishing reefs and sheer drop-offs to world-class wreck dives. There are numerous impressive wrecks to explore, including more than 250 plane wrecks in Truk Lagoon alone. Whether you are an experienced wreck diver or new to the sport, add diving in Micronesia to your wish list and read on for our pick of Micronesia’s best wrecks.

Palau wreck dives.

Palau is one of Micronesia’s most popular dive destinations, offering a diverse array of reef dives, exciting drift dives, drop-offs, caves, manta ray dives, and wrecks. Whilst Palau does not have as many wrecks as Truk Lagoon, diving in Palau is well worth it. You can try a mixture of different dive styles and dive excellent wrecks – all at one idyllic destination.
  1. Iro Maru

Depth: 25 meters. Suitable for: Advanced divers. The Iro Maru, a Japanese Navy oiler is an impressive 143 meters long, with her deck sitting 25 meters below the surface. She sank in 1944 and is great for photography, as her upright position offers a complete view of the wreck. You can see guns and king posts on the wreck and penetration diving is possible. There is plenty of marine life on the Iro Maru, including clams, oysters, and diverse critters. You can spot black and staghorn corals amidst the generous coral coverage, plus numerous fish and WWII artifacts. Be careful not to touch anything on this wreck as some of the ammunition is still live.
  1. Jake Seaplane

Depth: 15 meters. Suitable for: All experience levels. Well-known among wreck diving fans, the Jake Seaplane was only discovered in 1994 by a fisherman who saw it from the surface. This WWII Navy Seaplane is perched upright on a coral head and is still intact, slowly being covered by encroaching corals. This is an easy wreck to dive and she is ideal for new wreck divers.
  1. Amatsu Maru

Depth: 40 meters. Suitable for: Experienced divers. The Amatsu Maru is the largest shipwreck in Palau, at a huge 159 meters long. This oil tanker was only in service for 4 months before she sank and is nicknamed the Black Coral Wreck. True to her name, the hull is covered in black coral trees, which creates striking photographic opportunities. Penetration dives are possible and Amatsu Maru’s interior contains electrical and radio equipment that brings her history to life. READ MORE: OPERATION HAILSTONE – CHUK LAGOON.

When is the best time to explore Palau's wreck dives?

Palau has three main dive seasons. December to March offers the flattest seas and dry weather.

Truk Lagoon wreck dives.

Diving in Truk Lagoon is synonymous with wrecks. This wreck diving mecca hosts almost countless WWII wrecks, all sitting within a calm and easy-to-dive lagoon. It is an unrivaled destination for rust fans and contains vibrant wrecks that regularly grace the pages of glossy magazines.
  1. Fujikawa Maru

Depth: 5 – 35 meters. Suitable for: All experience levels. The Fujikawa Maru was being repaired in Truk Lagoon when she got caught up in Operation Hailstone and sank. This 133-meter-long cargo and passenger ship is now one of the best-known wreck diving highlights of Truk. Sitting upright, the outside of the wreck is covered in corals and sponges. There is plenty to explore, including two aircraft, plus engine and tool rooms. The many artifacts onboard are enough to keep any wreck diver entertained. But if you can tear your eyes away from the wreck itself, you might spot grey reef sharks and barracuda passing by. This gorgeous wreck is suitable for all divers.
  1. Sankisan Maru

Depth: 24 – 27 meters. Suitable for: Advanced divers. The Sankisan Maru is an open wreck, damaged by explosions and fire, with plenty to discover inside. Thanks to her damage, you can see holds filled with machine guns, plus aircraft engines, propellers, and more. Be sure to explore the coral-encrusted mast rising to the surface and enjoy the coral-covered deck. This wreck has some of the best soft coral in the lagoon and is an excellent wreck diving experience for advanced divers.
  1. San Francisco Maru

Depth: 42 - 64 meters. Suitable for: Tech divers. At 63 meters depth, the San Francisco Maru is Truk Lagoon’s most famous deep wreck and is popular for tech wreck diving. Her deck sits at around 50 meters and her shallowest part, two masts, rises to around 30 meters. Other than the depth, she is an easy wreck to dive and has plenty for divers to discover, including mines, bombs, tanks and trucks. Because this is a deeper wreck, there is less marine life growing on the ship, leaving her how she looked when she originally sank in 1944. EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF TECK WRECK DIVING WITH SSI.
  1. Shinkoku Maru

Depth: 10 - 38 meters. Suitable for: All experience levels. If you want to try wreck diving at night, the Shinkoku Maru offers an excellent night dive. She is around 152 meters long and has abundant soft corals, making her one of the most colorful Truk wrecks. Hydroids emerge at night on this wreck, adding the finishing touch to this beautiful wreck. Be sure to check out the medical bay and huge engines whilst diving there.
  1. Heian Maru

Depth: 10 - 35 meters. Suitable for: Advanced divers. The Heian Maru is the largest ship in Truk Lagoon, at 155 meters long, and provides multiple dive options. This former submarine tender is lying on her port side at 35 meters depth, with the hull rising to just 10 meters deep. She has large passageways with an expansive bride and engine room and there are plenty of artifacts to find. The huge propellers and rudder are an impressive sight at the stern.

When is the best time to explore Truk Lagoon's wreck dives?

Truk Lagoon can be dived all year as visibility is consistent. October to April is the peak diving season and has the lowest rainfall. LOVE MANTA RAYS? DIVE MICRONESIA’S PREMIER MANTA DESTINATION.