19 Underwater Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

Everybody loves a good scroll through Instagram. If you are a scuba diver, freediver, snorkeler, or simply a lover of beautiful underwater pictures and videos, you are going to enjoy our selection of underwater instagram accounts to follow in 2022.

We have carefully picked out 19 Instagram accounts that regularly post beautiful underwater content.

…Let’s rock n’ scroll.

1. @blackfinfreediving

Blackfin Freediving is an underwater video maker and photographer based in Mexico. Working with talented freediving models to create stunning underwater images, mixed with slow motion videos, and exquisite lighting to capture truly unique and captivating content. You will not get bored scrolling down this account.

2. @daanverhoeven

Daan Verhoeven is a photographer based in Cornwall, UK. Daan travels regularly to capture stunning images from all over the world. With a mix of underwater landscapes and action shots from the biggest freediving competitions, Daan truly has an eye for his craft. Check out his recent shots from Iceland where he photographed from underneath an iceberg!

3. @david__diving

Follow underwater photographer and filmmaker David Vazquez Farrus as he captures beautiful wildlife and diving shots fromNusa Penida, Indonesia. Nusa Penida is famous in the diving community as being one of the most diverse and interesting dive spots in the whole world.

4. @alice_shibumus

Check out the personal blog of Alice Shibumus; a freediver and ocean-lover who travels the world and explores different underwater locations. She has recently been posting from Turkey, which offers excellent diving, with wrecks to explore and interesting marine life to be spotted.

5. @ivana.o.k

SSI instructor and underwater photographer Ivana invites you to follow her adventures beneath the waves. Her grid boasts pictures of divers posing with moray eels, turtles, seals, octopuses, and lots more. If you love wildlife shots and seeing how professional divers live their lives day-to-day, click follow.

6. @we_live_underwater

Julia and Kevin are scuba diving instructors in the Maldives. They post regular shots of rare marine life including gray reef sharks, turtles, smalleye stingrays, as well as some very impressive macro shots of small critters such as nudibranchs, shrimp, and ghost pipefish. They post from the Maldives mostly, but also have shots from their trips further afield in places including Sri Lanka and the Gili Islands.

7. @susybranchy

Everyone loves a nudi! Self-proclaimed macro-lover Sush aka Susy takes some seriously impressive macro shots of nudibranchs of all colors and sizes. Along with the nudibranchs, you will also find some beautiful shots of turtles, lionfish, seahorses, and frogfish.

8. @fredbuyle

Fred Buyle is a freediver, explorer, and photographer who is also passionate about ocean conservation. Boasting stunning and unique shots of sharks, rays, whales, sea lions, and lots more, ocean lovers will be entranced by the deep blue colors and rare shots on Fred’s Instagram grid.

9. @samojeranko

SSI Instructor Trainer and underwater photographer Samo Jeranko showcases gorgeous shots of freedivers, both on the line and out in the blue. He has pictures from Turkey, Slovenia, Bahamas, and more fantastic locations around the world. Follow Samo for regular underwater snaps and freediving content.

10. @aledive13

"Dive For Passion" is an Instagram page from a scuba diving instructor and adventurer who documents their journeys around the world. With a mix of landscapes, nature shots, and underwater wildlife pictures, this account offers a fusion of photographic styles.

11. @timur_angin

SSI Divemaster / underwater photographer Timur Angin is based in Indonesia and takes beautiful shots of corals, fishes, and divers. With stunning photographs of manta rays, sting rays, cuttlefish, and lots more. Follow for a beautiful blend of deep blues and sublime lighting.

12. @ms.photography_lovetheocean

This German photographer takes breathtaking, close up shots of marine life. His latest posts feature rare subjects including sea lions, blue sharks, tiger sharks, and manta rays, all taken from strategic angles and boasting perfect composition.

13. @mirandajebowman

Miranda Bowman is a scuba diving instructor and cave diver that shares pictures from her exciting life that she splits between Mexico and Malta. You will find shots from her tech dives, dives in the famous Mexican cenotes, and close ups of unique marine life.

14. @blubber_jan

If you love macro shots, you will love photographer Jan Leya’s Instagram grid. Scroll to see extreme close ups of tiny critters such as nudibranchs, devil fish, seahorses, and shrimp, all showcased in vibrant colors.

15. @scottrobertstries

Sharks, manatees, sea lions, turtles, and coral closeups… What is not to love about this Instagram account from photographer Scott Roberts? With his mix of blue hues, interesting angles, and truly special subjects, you will not be able to stop scrolling through this one.

16. @biology_for_divers

For those of you who find marine life fascinating, we have a special account for you. Biology For Divers posts regular pictures and facts about ocean animals from around the globe.

17. @ulises.sea

A video creator and self proclaimed sea lover from Tenerife, Ulises takes lovely pictures of divers, fish, and underwater landscapes. Deep blues, and mysterious black and white shots are to be expected.

18. @palms2peaks

Sina Ritter is a "vagabond ocean photographer who creates salty dreamscapes from in, on, around, above, and underwater". Her images vary from powerful crashing waves, calm and still waters, to marine life both big and small. If you love the water, you will love her shots.

19. @rickyrikquaro

Powerful images of some powerful animals. Recently in photographer Ricky’s grid we have seen close ups of tiger sharks that will blow you away. But it does not stop there, scroll down a little further to find other marine life shots, and artistic pictures of freediving models.

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