World Ocean Day 2024: SSI Launches Its First Annual Ocean Month Clean-Up Challenge

This World Ocean Day, SSI, in partnership with Blue Oceans, is proud to launch a month-long clean-up challenge to encourage dive centers, professional divers, and scuba divers to take action to care for our aquatic environments. Every SSI Training Center and Blue Oceans Center can participate in this, our first SSI Ocean Month, and enter to win SSI Ecology digital kits. Keep reading to find out more!

How to join the SSI Ocean Month Challenge:

  • Become an active SSI Training Center.
  • Plan a clean-up event through your SSI Training Center at a local beach, river, or dive site during June 2024 and create an event in the SSI Event Calendar. This will allow your Center to reach all your connected customers quickly and immediately, as the event will be prominently displayed in the SSI App.
  • Collect and weigh your collected trash and take pictures or videos of your Center’s cleanup efforts and the garbage collected.
  • Send SSI the total weight of your collected trash, pictures/videos of your team in action, and the garbage itself.
  • Additionally, let SSI know about the funniest or most unusual item your Center found during the clean-up.

Follow your fellow SSI Training Centers’ clean-up progress on the Blue Oceans Instagram and Blue Oceans Facebook accounts, and tag @blueoceansprogram on all of your Center’s posts!

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The SSI Ocean Month clean-up challenge runs for the entire month of June, so there is plenty of time to organize events and make a difference!


Your SSI Training Center has two exciting ways to win:

1. Highest Trash Count: Awarded to the 5 SSI Training Centers that collect the highest total weight of trash.

2. Most Unusual Item: Awarded to the SSI Training Center that finds the most unusual item.

  • Prize: 5 digital SSI Ecology Kits of choice.

If you are not yet an SSI Training Center or Pro and want to be part of a fun, engaging training agency, click the link below or call SSI today at 1-800-892-2702 to learn more!