Get Inspired by Trash Waste Solutions

Trash Waste Solutions is a young, small non-profit organization founded in 2019 by a group of divers concerned about the incorrect disposal of plastic waste and the resulting pollution of the Oceans. Their vision is to prevent further input of debris into the environment. Their first project is currently underway in the area of Manado, in the Coral Triangle of Indonesia, where the beautiful underwater world needs immediate protection. Trash Waste Solutions’ core team and founders, Markus, Irma, Natalie, Johann, and Patricia, share diving as a common passion. They bring very different professional backgrounds, leading to a creative and strong team of like-minded individuals who all come together to work as volunteers next to their primary jobs. They are also supported by other volunteers who share the same vision.

Check out what Trash Waste Solutions (TWS) has achieved so far:

  • Natalie & Johann spent three months in the region of Manado, Indonesia at the beginning of 2020, conducting an AS-IS study and building an important network, forming this project’s base.
  • Through Natalie’s efforts, Siladen SPA Resort is now composting organic trash and harvested their first vegetables last summer.

Creating the first zero-waste island.

Trash Waste Solutions’ main project is to create the first zero-waste island in Indonesia, focusing on Siladen Island and striving to duplicate it.

Trash Waste Solutions' Pilot Project.

Trash Waste Solutions aims to operate a Precious Plastic machine to recycle collected hard plastics and turn them into bricks to build houses. This exciting new organization wants to gain experience and a bigger vision of how to achieve and realize their main project idea. Several important partnerships have already been established, such as:
  • Celebes Divers and Siladen SPA Resorts on Siladen Island.
  • Waste Bank CELLS, Manado.
  • The Ocean Hero internet search engine.
Click here to use Ocean Hero as your internet search machine. Ocean Hero is financing the first Precious Plastic Machine which will be delivered and installed at the end of March 2021. A local student will create the case study of this pilot project. Several clean-ups on Siladen Island were organized with the financial support of Ocean Hero and donations from many people.

How to Support Trash Waste Solutions (TWS).

  • Use Ocean Hero as your internet search machine.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle whatever you can! Be a role model and make a difference that lasts.
  • Have ideas or want to become a partner/sponsor? Get in touch!
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Trash Waste Solution member is part of the beach clean-up